What We Do

We are the CRISPR Microbiome


Our Impact

Precision killing of bacteria has the impact to revolutionise the management of untreatable and difficult-to-treat infections as well as complex diseases directly impacted by the human microbiota. 

Our mission is to develop CRISPR-based medicines that give hope for effective and safe treatment of difficult-to-treat diseases in the future.


$50M Series A Raised

SNIPR Biome raises $50M in one of the largest SERIES A in Europe from 4 large European funds to advance CRISPR-based microbiome drugs to human clinical trials.

18+ Scientists

Since its inception in August 2017, SNIPR Biome has over the course of 18 months grown to a team of 18 - predominantly PhDs.

Several Patent Families

The SNIPR Biome scientists have made several innovative and novel discoveries which are being protected in several separate patent families – five of which have already granted as US patents (US9701964, US10195273, US10300138, US10300139, and US10363308).


The Gut Microbiome

Trillions of healthy bacteria live inside the human gut. It is estimated that the number of microbes reach 10^12 per gram in the human large intestine (luminal content of the colon) where these bacteria play a crucial role both in physiology and health as well as influence the cause of disease. The gut microbiome performs a number of crucial functions for the host from helping to digest our food, to produce vitamins and priming our immune system to tolerance - thus, these vast numbers of bacteria live in a complex symbioses with their host.

In healthy individuals the human microbiome is dominated by two large Phyla: Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes with smaller representations from Proteobacteria and Actinobacteria. In some cases the body reacts badly to its own bacteria, which can lead to immune stimulation and gut inflammation. There is an increasing understanding that perturbations and large changes in the microbiome (dysbiosis) are associated with human disease and that specifically addressing the human gut microbiome composition can represent an attractive medical and pharmacological avenue.

We aim to be able to make targeted microbiome engineering with our CRISPR-based precision medicines.

We aim to be able to develop CRISPR-based medicines that give hope for effective and safe treatment of difficult-to-treat infections in the future


Patient Focused

We aim to be able to develop CRISPR-based medicines that give hope for effective and safe treatment of difficult-to-treat infections in the future.

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Our Programs

CRISPR-based drug candidates for difficult-to-treat infections.

CRISPR-based drug candidates for precision microbiome engineering in auto-immune & malignant disorders.


CRISPR Technology

SNIPR BIOME is pioneering a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to selectively eradicate target bacteria, while leaving the rest of the patient’s microbial community intact.

We are utilizing the bacteria’s adaptive CRISPR-based immune system in a fully programmable fashion to very selectively kill target bacteria based on specific DNA sequence signatures in the bacterial genome.

Medical Focus

SNIPR BIOME has the potential to develop valuable therapeutics within multiple important disease areas, and we have decided to focus initially on novel, narrow-spectrum (or otherwise rationally-tailored) anti-bacterial drug candidates for use in difficult-to-treat infections or precision microbiome modulation for the auto-immunity and oncology/immuno-oncology setting.

CRISPR-based medicines hold the promise to offer very safe medications due to their very high specificity.


News & Press

SNIPR BIOME raises $50 million Series A
financing to advance CRISPR-based microbiome drugs to human clinical trials

03.19 / Press Release



Work With Us

SNIPR Biome is the leading CRISPR Microbiome company. As a growing company we are always looking for new talents to join our team in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Our main goal is to engineer microbiomes using CRISPR technology, to treat a number of serious and life-threatening diseases, ranging from IBD, Multi-drug resistant infections to cancer. The working environment is fun, fast-paced, collaborative and outcome focused. If you are curious, smart and passionate about inventing tomorrow’s medicine then drop us a line.


Senior Assay Scientist

As Senior Assay Scientist at SNIPR Biome, you will be responsible for the development and running of assays for screening and characterisation of SNIPR Biome drug candidates’ mode-of-action and potency, but also those designed to support CMC and clinical activities.

In vivo Pharmacologist – Research Scientist, Senior or Principal Scientist

As In vivo Pharmacologist at SNIPR Biome you will participate in drug discovery projects, and provide projects with expert in vivo pharmacology input. Furthermore, you will lead and oversee CROs and external collaborations.